Fusion's backend is written in C++ and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The same modules run on all supported platforms.

The client application communicates with the server over HTTP RESTfully using JSON for data representation, making thin clients on mobile devices and even a cloud-based processing solution possible.


Fusion is built around the paradigm of flow-based programming, in which algorithms operate on data isolated from the functions of the other.

This makes it easy to build complex interaction scenarios utilizing many input/output modalities using simple, reusable generic parts.


Fusion initially implements a multi-modal interaction scenario with customizable but fairly primitive algorithms for tasks such as gesture classification, diectic resolution, and natural language parsing.

However, the framework's modular architecture allows more robust methods to be painlessly swapped into place as we (and contributors) continue to push forward.


The current version is 0.1a, released on Aug 30th, 2011.

Operating System File Instructions Size
Windows 7 Windows 7 (32/64 bits) ccf-0.1a-win32.zip Demo for Windows

Running the Demo on Windows

1. Download the latest binary distribution for Windows (highlighted in green).

2. Extract the archive by right-clicking it and selecting "Extract All...".

3. The extracted folder should open automatically. Double-click "demo.bat" to get started.

If you're unsure what to try or what's possible in this simple demo, watch the video on the front page for an example.

95.2 MB
MacOSX Mac OS X 10.6 or above ccf-0.1a-osx.zip Demo for Mac OS X

Running the Demo on Mac OS X

1. Download the latest binary distribution for OS X (highlighted in green).

2. If you're using Safari the archive should be extracted for you. If you're using another browser, double-click the downloaded archive to extract it.

3. In the extracted folder, double-click "demo.command" or the "demo" file to get started.

If you're unsure what to try or what's possible in this simple demo, watch the video on the front page for an example.

62.6 MB

Source code

The Fusion source is hosted in Subversion. Take a look at the repository on NUICode.

Community Support

  • Talk to developers and community members on the forums
  • Report a bug or request a feature on the NUICode page

If you need some detailed advice or help on adapting Fusion for your needs, or just want to talk to a real person, you can also try to contact us on IRC (online chat). Connect to NUI Group IRC

About Fusion

CCF is a community project under the umbrella of the Natural User Interface Group. It was started as a part of the 2011 Google Summer of Code program (original proposal), with the goal of facilitating faster, more flexible development of generic multimodal interfaces by providing a modular framework and configurable processing components running cross-platform and over a network. The first preview was released in September 2011. Fusion will continue to be developed and maintained by the NUI Group Community.

We encourage you to get involved and help Fusion develop.

About the Community

Established in 2006, The Natural User Interface Group is an open source community that creates and shares interaction techniques & standards that benefit designers & developers throughout the world.

We offer a collaborative environment for scientists that are interested in learning and developing modern Human/Computer Interaction methods and concepts. Our research includes topics such as: computer vision, touch computing, voice & gesture recognition, experience design and information visualization.